Questions You Should Ask Your Roofer In Columbia SC

Are you licensed?

Do you have workman’s comp insurance?

Do you carry general liability insurance?

Will you remove my old roof?

Are you going to install drip edge or edge metal when you install the new roof?

Will you use ladder stabilizers or standoffs to protect my gutters when you install my roof?

Do you bring a container to remove the trash?

Where will you place the trash container?

What will you do in the case of bad weather during the job?

Do you have a local phone number and address?

What is the warranty on my new roof?

What is the cost of plywood should you find a rotten roof or soft roof decking?

How will you protect my landscaping during this project?

Is there going to be someone on site with whom I can communicate?

Do you provide a written estimate?

At Mayhem Roofing in Columbia SC, we can answer all of the above questions for you when we provide your estimate for your roof. We want you to understand and feel comfortable with every step of the process. We value our 5-star reputation in Columbia SC so if you have a question about your roof please ask.

We are Platinum level roofers in Columbia SC view a case study where we found old cracked shingles on a roof in Columbia SC

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