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    Are All Roofing Companies In Blythewood The same?

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    No absolutely not!

    • Mayhem Roofing is a platinum level roofing contractor with Owens Corning.
    • Platinum level roofers in Blythewood offer the highest quality materials.
    • Platinum level roofers offer a fully transferable warranty. This means the roof is backed by a Owens Corning warranty that stays with the house even if you sell it. Now ask yourself which home would you buy? The home with a roof warranty or the home without!
    • We are one of the premier roofing companies in Blythewood with reviews to prove it. Blythewood Roofing Company Reviews

    We are the Blythewood SC area’s premier roofing company. Mayhem Roofing offers roof replacement, new roof construction, and roof repairs to homeowners and commercial buildings in the Blythewood SC area. Hail damage, wind damage, and natural wear and tear will mean every property owner will need a new roof at some point in time. We are your local roofers withe the 5 star reputation to make every roofing job a success.

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    Better Than A Roof Repair!

    Did you know that many times the life of a roof can be extended?

    Before you get a new roof or roof repair let our roofing experts take a look to see if we can extend the life of your current roof. Many times leaking problems come from things like nail pops, worn out boots, or old flashing. These vital parts of your roof can wear out years before your shingles go bad.

    Mayhem Roofing offers the premier Roof Life Extension Package in South Carolina. We can replace worn out boots, old flashing, and fix nail pops and even missing shingles for far less than the cost of a new roof. Use the contact form above to set up an appointment to see just how many more years you can get out of your current roof shingles for less.

    Do I need a new roof?

    • Have you seen water spots?
    • Are you missing shingles?
    • Do you warping in the decking under the roof shingles?
    • Is your roof more than 20 years old?
    • Have you had a hail storm recently?

    These all might be signs that your home in Blythewood has reached the end of it’s current roofs life. Our expert inspectors can take a look at your roof and help with any insurance claims that may need to be filed, help you with roof financing, and get you a competitive price for a new roof installation.

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    Commercial Roofing Contractors Blythewood SC

    Mayhem roofing has been serving the midlands commercial roofing needs for decades. Whether you are a property management company, church, government agency, or small business in the Blythewood SC area we can repair, replace, and seal your commercial roof.

    I need a qualified commercial roofing contractor near me in Columbia SC

    We have you covered! Headquartered in Blythewood SC, we’re a proud team of trained commercial roofers with decades of combined experience that can tackle everything from complex large projects to owner-occupied buildings. Fueled by our commitment to highest standard of customer service and quality commercial roofing products, we go the extra mile to make sure clients are completely satisfied with our work. We want to be the roofers you can trust long after the job is complete.

    Commercial Roofing Blythewood

    The most common causes of roof damage we see in the Blythewood, SC 29016 area are:

    Weather – Extremes in weather condition i.e. hot, cold, wet and dry can cause some roofing materials to blister, buckle, split or crack. When this happens, water seepage is possible and that could lead to leaks that could damage the interior.

    Corrosion – Some roofing materials are prone to corrode especially in parts where there are roof flashings, valleys and projections like vents and chimneys. When corrosion happens, there is bound to be roof damage.

    Wind – Extreme gusts of winds, especially during storms or hurricanes can lift roofing materials off from their anchors.

    Wear and Tear – Roof damage can happen due to normal wear and tear. Falling objects from trees or those blown by gusts of wind and roof “traffic” by birds and small animals can cause early signs of deterioration of roofing materials.

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    Your 5 Star Roofers In Blythewood, SC!

    “We had a roof replaced on our home in Blythewood, SC. Mayhem took care to cover our landscaping and leave the site clean after the work was completed. We love our new roof!”

    T Smith, Blythewood, SC

    The most common areas for roof leakage we see on Blythewood, SC area homes:

    Chimneys – Leaks are common here usually because of inadequate flashing or caulking.

    Vent pipes, any object that protrudes from the roof is almost always an area where leaks could occur. Insufficient flashing could also be the culprit as flashing has the tendency to deteriorate faster than other roof parts.

    Valleys in between roof slopes are also susceptible to rot as the areas are prone to dirt or leafs accumulation.

    Drip-edge that is improperly installed can cause seepage. The leaks here are not as visible as drip-edge are hidden behind fascias or sidings.

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    Happy Customer Getting a Quality Roofing Job In Blythewood. South Carolina

    Our quality roofs are built with care from the best roofers in Blythewood, South Carolina. Here are some residential roofing tips:

    1) When replacing your roof be sure to replace the valley and eaves flashing. Also, have pipe boots or roof jacks replaced to direct away water where the pipes and vents protrude from the roof. This is the easiest time to have these areas repaired and replaced.

    2) Now is also the time to make sure you have proper attic ventilation. Have it checked by our roofers or an HVAC contractor. Poor airflow can heat an attic to 130°F in summer. In winter, moist interior air can condense on the underside of the sheathing, rotting it. You may want to have ridge and soffit vents installed to circulate cool air into the attic, alleviating both problems.

    3) Ask how the roofer will protect bushes and plants (we cover your landscaping with tarps).

    4) Find out how the trash will be disposed of and nails picked up.

    5) We will be happy to provide references for you to inquire about our past work.

    6) We are licensed and insured.

    7) We have a large selection of materials from the top roofing material suppliers and manufacturers.

    8) Remember that when you are getting multiple bids on your new roof to make sure all the bids are using the same materials.

    9) Go local. Mayhem Roofing is a local company with years of experience working in Blythewood, South Carolina.

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    Whether you need new roof installation in Blythewood or roof repair in Blythewood we are the premier roofers in your area. Call on us for a competitive price and the premier service. Using high quality materials at competitive prices we have brought mayhem to the roofing industry.

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